About Me //

Hello and welcome! I love to run, practice, teach yoga, take photos, and live a healthy lifestyle (with a little room for wine and cheese). I fell in love with and was inspired to share the practice of yoga with others after having some of my greatest moments of clarity on the mat.

As someone who has recovered from hip surgery, I believe yoga is accessible to anyone regardless of shape, size, or fitness level. When practiced regularly, it can be a great therapeutic resource for both the body and the mind. It also happens to be an awesome place to face challenges while finding moments of accomplishment and wholeness.

My focused yet playful approach to yoga creates balance between having fun exploring where your body can go while connecting breath to movement. I enjoy working with beginners, seasoned yogis, and those who think they’re not flexible enough to practice yoga (yes, I’m talking to you men out there).

I would absolutely love to work with you. Contact me to arrange a private, small group, party, or corporate session.

Yoga can take you down a path which can lead you towards peace, clarity, and an all around happier you. Join my mailing list to the right for monthly tips that will keep you feeling good, moving, and motivated. 

Be present. Believe in your Self. Balance your mind, body, and life.

♥ Kristy

I received my 200-hour certification through YogaWorks, training in a method that focuses on safe alignment and sequencing and am working towards completion of my 500 hour certification.

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